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The importance of gas protection products

Not all gases are harmful – for instance there are clear benefits to a certain concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe – but a gas monitoring system can warn against both the presence of harmful gases and the absence of crucial ones like oxygen.

Sectors Envin Scientific supplies to

We supply oxygen sensors and analysers to a wide range of industries, including for medical applications, but also for facilities other than healthcare establishments and hospitals. In the healthcare sector, oxygen sensors are important for anaesthesia and respiratory protection, as well as in dental procedures and intensive care units. Besides human healthcare, there are also applications in veterinary medicine, in some industrial settings – particularly where the flammability of oxygen is a concern – and also in underwater disciplines like diving.

We also supply gas sensors capable of detecting very low concentrations of gases – down to just a few parts per billion – along with volatile compounds in exhaled human breath, which has direct relevance to healthcare.

Gas Protection Products by Envin Scientific

Our gas protection products also include detectors for a range of other compounds, including airborne ozone levels capable of indicating either a ‘safe’ or ‘alarm’ level via LED, or a precise ppb value on an LCD display. These can be wall mounted and mains powered, so you do not need to worry about changing batteries or recharging the unit, and a handheld ozone generator can quickly and easily test the device’s alarm state. Similar gas protection products can trigger an alarm in the presence of leaking refrigerant gases, unwanted levels of CO2 or when LPG is detected.

Gas protection products detect potentially hazardous compounds in different ways, at different concentrations, and with different methods of alerting the user to unsafe conditions. But they all have the same common goal – to protect the air that we breathe, prevent poisoning and reduce the risk of other hazards like explosions of flammable gases. For medical applications and especially settings where an individual’s oxygen supply is directly controlled, from anaesthesia to deep sea diving, the importance of detecting inappropriate oxygen levels is obvious.

With reliable, accurate equipment widely available for all kinds of gas detection though, there is no reason why any industrial environment shouldn’t be protected too, for the safety of anyone working nearby and to protect valuable equipment, machinery and processes.

Do you work in an industry which requires a controlled gas monitoring system? Contact us today to discuss which products might be best for you.