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Round-up of gas sensors

Envin Scientific’s extensive range of gas sensors covers a wide variety of different applications for detecting and monitoring different gases and common atmospheric conditions like temperature and humidity.

Because of this, we break down our Gas Sensors category into several sections, grouping together gas detectors and gas analysis equipment with similar characteristics.

Here we’ll take a look at some of those distinctions and the applications of gas sensors in each group.

CO2 detectors and CO2 sensors

CO2 detection is important in health, safety and environmental applications, as well as monitoring instrumentation.

Envin Scientific stock Fis gas sensors, which are low-power and low-cost semiconductor-based sensors with electronic modules to detect extremely low levels of CO2 and other gases.

Gas analysis equipment

In addition to the Fis gas sensors mentioned above, we also supply Fis gas analysis equipment including:

  • Fis OralChroma, which detects volatile sulphur compounds in breath to diagnose halitosis and related health conditions.
  • Fis Sensor Gas Chromatograph, a highly sensitive gas detector capable of identifying a variety of gases at levels of parts per billion.

Gas monitoring and control

Our gas monitoring and control range includes bespoke gas detectors to meet customers’ needs, so please contact us if you’re interested in getting a gas monitor made to order.

We specialise in ozone detectors, but can build gas detector systems for common compounds like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, LPG and refrigerant gases, among others.

Ozone monitors can be mains-powered or handheld, and gas monitors can include an alarm state to alert the operator automatically if detected levels go above the specified parts per billion.

Oxygen sensors and analysers

Maxtec oxygen sensors and analysers are convenient oxygen detectors for medical and non-medical applications, including ultra-portable handheld oxygen sensors.

The full range includes scuba diving oxygen analysers, replacement sensors, and the Maxtec Handi+ N2 nitrogen analyser.

Temperature and humidity detectors

It’s easy to forget that humidity is a measure of gaseous H2O in the air, and goes hand-in-hand with temperature as a way to detect and control environmental conditions especially in indoor settings.

Our thermostats and humidistats include economical sensors for HVAC systems, ATEX-certified sensors for hazardous areas, electronic hygrostats and more.