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How to maintain and test gas analysers

Envin Scientific gas analysers are calibrated prior to delivery and include features like freshness seals on their gas sensors to extend their storage life before use.

However, it’s still important to maintain and test gas analysers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to test and calibrate gas analysers supplied by Envin Scientific.

Handi+ Oxygen Analyser

The Handi+ O2 Analyser is a handheld oxygen detector. Despite its small size, it includes several features to make testing and maintenance easier:

  • Freshness seal for up to two months storage before use
  • One-touch calibration function
  • Convenient calibration reminder

These make the Handi+ Oxygen Analyser an easy and reliable way to check O2 levels, with minimal testing and calibration needed.

Handi+ and MAX N2 Nitrogen Analysers

Like the Handi+ O2 detector, the Handi+ N2 equivalent features one-touch calibration and resolution of 0.1% when measuring atmospheric nitrogen levels.

Alternatively, the MAX N2 Nitrogen Analyser is maintenance-free, with an external sensor that can be swapped out in seconds if the detector fails the one-touch calibration test.

Max N2 is also splash-resistant, allowing it to be used in environments where it might get wet, without impairing its functionality.

Maxtec O2ME Oxygen Analyser

For applications where frequent calibration is essential, the Maxtec O2ME Oxygen Analyser is an excellent choice. Its one-week calibration reminder is reset each time the unit is calibrated.

Calibration is easy and with an operating life of 1.5 million oxygen percent hours, there should be no need to replace the sensor itself during extended periods of time.

Maxtec Scuba Diving Oxygen Analysers

The correct proportions of breathable air are crucial when scuba diving, and Maxtec produce not one, but three different scuba diving oxygen analysers to keep you safe:

  • Handi+
  • MaxO2+A
  • MaxO2+AE

Here the two MaxO2 model numbers represent the type of oxygen sensor used, either internal (MaxO2+A) or external (MaxO2+AE).

With a sensor life of nearly a million O2 percent hours, MaxO2 delivers a minimum of two years of measurements under typical usage, with accuracy and linearity of 1% of full scale at constant temperature, pressure and relative humidity, when calibrated at full scale.

UltraMax O2 Oxygen Analyser

For some of the easiest testing and maintenance of any of our gas sensors, consider UltraMax O2 Oxygen Analyser.

This does not require an oxygen sensor and is equipped with a shielded and reinforced gas inlet port for reliable sampling.

A self-diagnostic function means UltraMax O2 can self-test quickly and easily. No in-field calibration is required and each new UltraMax O2 comes with a 36-month warranty.

Need more help?

If you need any help, from testing and calibrating your gas sensors, to deciding which of our N2 and O2 gas analysers to buy next, please get in touch with Envin Scientific today.

You can see our full range of oxygen sensors and analysers here, where you can download product datasheets and order replacement oxygen sensors.

For any other questions, including queries relating to other types of gas detectors or replacing old analysers like-for-like, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.