Pilot Troubleshooting Guide

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Customers can use this page to diagnose common faults with the Pilot range. If you cannot diagnose your issue here then please contact us for further assistance.

Unit false alarming

the sensors are falsely triggering the alarm, this happens for several reasons;

The sensors are old, we recommend that you replace sensors every 2 years.

There may be a lose connection, the unit will continue to alarm after initialising if a sensor is disconnected. This is the easiest thing to check just make sure that the wires have not come lose inside the unit.

A sensor may alarm if it is detecting certain other chemicals. The LPG sensors are also sensitive to certain cleaning products, as well as Silicon.

On systems that have two sensors, to check if a fault is with the sensor or board you can swap the sensors over. If the problem follows the sensor, then the sensor has the fault, if the fault persists on the original channel then the fault is with the board.

Fault LED illuminated – Twin channel and gas monitoring system only

This indicates that there is a fault detected on one of the channels. The most likely cause is a faulty sensor, fitting a new sensor should solve the problem. If the problem persists the fault will lie in the printed circuit board and you should return the unit to us for further investigation.

Gas valve will not open or remain open

You should check your boats supply voltage and the voltage going to the valve, if supplied voltage is below the specified voltage the valve cannot operate correctly.

Red LED’s always flashing

On the mark 1 version, (light grey casing), this is completely normal and means everything is functioning normally.


Any units returned to Envin will incur an initial assessment charge, of £25, excluding VAT.

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