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Monitoring temperature and humidity in an uncertain climate

As 2018 progresses, and with further warm weather forecast throughout August and the autumn, it becomes more likely that this year will break records as one of the hottest in history.

This comes off of the back of 2017, the warmest year on record during which the El Nino weather pattern did not play a part, and 2015-16 when El Nino was active, which rank as the two outright hottest in recorded history.

While we know that warmer years are becoming increasingly commonplace, this does little to add to our certainty regarding the climate, as the higher energy levels apparent in the atmosphere make extreme weather of all kinds more likely.

In turbulent times, monitoring temperature and humidity is essential in many industries, from healthcare to HVAC, livestock to food manufacture – and Envin Scientific’s Temperature & Humidity range has you covered for all applications.

We supply humidity and temperature sensors from Polyga and Galltec-Mela, including economical transmitters and electronic humidistat sensors, equipped with voltage, current and/or resistive outputs for a variety of control conditions.

More about the sensing elements

Each sensing element has its own unique advantages, and we would be happy to advise on the best option for any specific application you have in mind.

The Mela capacitive element offers good linearity and response time, small hysteresis and a large temperature range of application.

Meanwhile the Polyga element is suited to high humidity environments – and can even be cleaned in water – and requires no power source when used in passive transmitters and hygrostats.

With these sensing elements, you can be prepared for any change in exterior or interior conditions of humidity and temperature, protecting people and valuable goods from extremes.

Find out more

If you want to know more about any of our temperature & humidity detectors before contacting us with your enquiry, we make all of the product data sheets available for download so you can read through the more technical details at your leisure.

Just click on the Downloads tab in our Temperature and Humidity section for the full list of data sheet documents to download in PDF format, to help you decide which component is best suited for the job.