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Health Benefits of Humidistats

Humidistats and hygrostats are control devices similar to thermostats, but instead of setting the temperature for a particular interior space, they set the humidity for air conditioning systems to work towards.

This can tackle both low humidity and high humidity, so a room is not left overly dry (which can occur if it is artificially heated) or overly damp (which can happen for a range of natural environmental reasons and due to the presence of steam and human occupants).

Indoor Humidity – What is sensible?

For domestic properties, a target range of 40-50% humidity is sensible, although in some facilities such as healthcare premises, a different level of atmospheric humidity might be better for patient welfare depending on the types of medical condition treated on-site.

In locations where natural ventilation is not possible or not appropriate, artificial air conditioning can be the only sensible alternative, and humidistats and hygrostats are the method used to target a specific level of humidity in the air.

What are the health effects of humidity?

The health consequences of this can be significant, especially when combined with the temperature of the air.

Dry air typically feels cooler, while moist air feels warmer – this is particularly apparent in the summer months, when hot, damp air can prevent the body from regulating its own temperature as effectively by sweating.

Warm, damp air can also provide better incubating conditions for bacteria and other pathogens, making it preferable to keep healthcare facilities dry, even if it is not possible to keep them cool during the summer months.

In contrast with this, excessively dry air can also be problematic, and is often an issue in the winter when artificial heating systems can remove much of the moisture from the air.

This ironically can lead to people feeling colder as the dry air encourages moisture to leave their skin, drawing heat away from the body in the same way that sweating does in summer.

Overly dry air can also be associated with respiratory problems, including sore throats, worsened asthma, an increased response to allergens, and other smaller problems like chapped lips and dry skin.

How can Envin help?

For all of these many and varied complaints, a hygrostat or humidistat helps to prevent the cause of the problem – excessively dry or excessively humid air – by keeping humidity within a comfortable and health-conscious range.

Check out our section on temperature and humidity to learn more, or take a look at our own range of humidistats.