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Testing and improving indoor air quality

It is a legal requirement to get air conditioning systems inspected at least once every five years, but calling in an energy assessor more often than that could help you to improve your indoor air quality and save money at the same time.

An efficiently operating air conditioning system is the key to good indoor air quality, so if yours has not been inspected recently, it might be worth scheduling an appointment.

When an accredited energy assessor takes a look at it, they will typically tell you how efficient your equipment is, any faults with it, but also possible ways to use it less often and to improve its efficiency during use.

Following their suggestions, although it is usually optional whether you do so or not, could help to cut down on your energy use and associated expenditure.

And although the inspection itself is likely to cost you a fee, the penalty for failing to have it done when it is due can be £300 – so if you’re not sure whether the five-year deadline is approaching for your equipment, it is worth calling in the assessor sooner rather than later.