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Pilot Gas Alarms warn and protect in life-saving situations

The value of Pilot Gas Alarms and other gas leak detection and warning systems cannot be overstated, and in many instances can literally be a matter of life and death. When a gas leak occurs, there is a risk of explosion or fire, which can be devastating not only in the first instance, but especially on marine vessels if the fire cannot be contained. Pilot Gas Alarms can notify you when a leak is detected, as well as shutting off isolation valves to prevent the flow of gas through the area where the leak is suspected.

Safety Risks of Undetected Gas Leaks

The potentially devastating effects of gas leaks have made global headlines in recent days following the incident in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover in Massachusetts. Dozens of properties in the three Merrimack Valley communities were affected by what has been widely reported as an over-pressurised mains gas pipeline, which in turn led to isolated leaks, fires and explosions. A state of emergency was declared, with additional fire crews brought in from neighbouring communities to help with the effort, and Red Cross shelters set up at four different locations in the region to accommodate those evacuated from their homes.

Initial reports of the incident were published by local supplier Columbia Gas at 9pm on the day of the explosions, with updates following through the night including a further statement at 5:15 am. At that time householders were reminded not to use any form of artificial lighting that could spark an explosion, including candles, matches, flashlights, and even communication devices such as mobile phones. The incident is a particularly stark reminder of the risks associated with a gas leak occurring during night-time hours, when it might go longer without detection and it can be dangerous trying to illuminate the affected area.

Gas Detection Equipment

By alerting you more quickly to a leak, Pilot Gas Alarms give you round-the-clock protection against similar incidents – on any scale – that might occur aboard your boat or in any area with a gas supply. Crucially they also have the ability to automatically shut off the supply or provide you with a fast manual shut-off valve, so even in the dark, you are protected quickly and always know where to find the shut-off switch.

If you own property which could be at risk of a gas leak, especially a self-contained vessel which is difficult to evacuate, then it is important to arm yourself with proper protection. Contact Envin onĀ 01829 771792 to speak to someone about having a gas sensor installed.