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Pilot Gas Alarms now available in the Envin Shop

Pilot Gas Alarms are a well established and familiar brand name in LPG detection for boats, with a track record that has been proven time and time again over the past 30 years or more.

Our Pilot Gas Alarms are efficient and easy to install

When used on a boat, Pilot systems are able to detect gas leaks and sound the alarm, as well as shutting off the gas by closing the LPG gas valve; multiple systems can be daisy-chained together to protect all the necessary areas of larger vessels, too. Customers benefit from ease of installation, as well as an excellent standard of after sales service – and since August 2016, Pilot Gas Alarms have been added to the Envin Scientific product portfolio.

We are now able to provide these gas detectors and alarm systems for direct ordering via the Envin Shop – just click on Pilot Gas Alarms on our main site navigation to get there. The Envin Shop is now offering a selection of Pilot Gas Alarms systems, including a complete Gas Monitoring System comprising two LPG sensors, a solenoid shutoff valve, and a dual-channel alarm panel.

Versatility for your needs

A Twin Channel Gas Alarm with a pair of LPG sensors is also available without the solenoid valve, if monitoring is needed without the ability to automatically shut off the gas supply. For smaller areas and applications, the Pilot Mini Gas Alarm has a single LPG sensor, with a single-channel display panel. And a separate Gas Valve Controller is also available as an add-on, with its own control panel to allow the gas supply to be shut off if a connected alarm is triggered.

For existing systems in need of some upkeep, the EnvinĀ Shop also has options for replacement sensors and solenoid valves – so you can be certain that your system will respond appropriately in an emergency. All products come in a variety of diameters and voltage ratings – just click through to the relevant product page and choose the one you need from the list before adding it to your basket. If you’d like to learn more about our range, get in touch today.