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Parliamentary Review ‘privileged’ to work with Envin Scientific

Following Envin Scientific’s recent appearance in The Parliamentary Review Manufacturing Edition 2016, the Review’s director Daniel Yossman has spoken of the sense of privilege that came from working with the firms featured in this year’s publication.

“How to set the sailes”

Mr Yossman said: “It’s been an utter privilege to work with a range of organisations from across the country in this year’s Review. Without their input, our aims of spreading expert knowledge and raising standards simply would not be achievable. They’ll be a hard act to follow and next year’s organisations will have to be on the top of their game to meet the challenge.” His comments coincided with the publication of the Review in mid-September, with tens of thousands of the country’s most prominent policymakers receiving a copy, and Envin Scientific featured in a case study in their own right.

The Rt Hon David Curry, who edited the Review, added that each representative featured in this way contributes something different to The Parliamentary Review, while together symbolising the collective wisdom of the manufacturing industry in the UK as a whole. He suggested that, should there prove to be “choppy waters ahead”, the firms such as Envin Scientific who are featured in the Review should be seen as examples for others of “how to set their sails”. The Rt Hon Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, added that the publication is proof that manufacturing businesses throughout the UK “remain very firmly open for business”.

Future expansion and scaling up

Envin Scientific‘s profile in particular spells out the sustainable approach taken to growing the firm throughout the 21st century so far, with long-held collaborations with key advisors and suppliers like landlords and accountants. This has allowed the company to set out its expansion plans ahead of time, including the option taken in 2016 to expand into larger premises adjacent to the existing site, and scale up in-house manufacturing as a result without the need for relocation.