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Optical resin and glass filters – the best of both worlds

Optical resin and glass filters provide a wide range of bandpass and absorption capabilities, allowing for optical filters to be created with very specific characteristics.

Glass filters offer excellent durability and scratch resistance, while optical resin filters are lighter and may cope better with being dropped, although of course this is not recommended.

Both have unique characteristics when used in individual optical filters, so it’s worth checking if a particular filter is available in both glass and optical resin, and choosing the best material for the task.

Benefits of optical resin or glass filters

Some of the common applications of both kinds of optical filters include neutral density filters, which reduce intensity equally across all wavelengths, along with others that absorb a specific wavelength, such as infrared or ultraviolet, and bandpass filters that allow a range of frequencies such as the visible light spectrum to pass through.

Where you need an optical filter that combines several of these capabilities – for example a bandpass filter that allows visible light to pass through, but incorporates a neutral density filter to reduce the brightness – optical resins can be laminated to produce a single filter that is still lightweight.

Laminated filters can also include other materials, for example optical resin layered on to a glass filter to give you the best of both worlds.

Other materials can be used too, such as gel filters, photochromic glass, thin film filters and polarising films, so that you can achieve precisely the profile you need for your specific application, from a laminated absorption filter that is compact, thinner and more lightweight than using separate optical filters to produce the same effect.

How can Envin Scientific Help?

At Envin Scientific we are happy to suggest the best optical filter for the job, whether that’s a glass filter, a more lightweight optical resin alternative, or a combination of the two in the form of a laminated filter.

Just get in touch to let us know what you are trying to achieve, and our team will make suitable suggestions based on the optical resin and glass filters in our range, including laminated filters produced to your specifications where this is the best option. Call us on 01829 771792 or fill in our enquiry form.