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Gas solenoid valves give manual and auto shut-off in emergencies

Gas solenoid valves are included in our Pilot Gas Alarm monitoring systems and can be used with Pilot Gas Valve Controllers to enable automatic shut-off in the event of a detected gas leak, as well as manual control of your gas supply.


A solenoid is a simple electromagnet – a coil of wire which, when an electrical current passes through it, creates a magnetic field. Switch off the current and the magnetic field collapses, enabling the solenoid to function as a switch.


In gas solenoid valves this switching behaviour is used to control the flow of gas. In Pilot Gas Monitoring Systems if an alarm state is triggered, the valve will automatically shut off the gas supply to avoid a dangerous build-up of fumes.


This does not just prevent the risk of fire and explosions – fuel gases including petrol vapour, propane and butane are heavier than air, and a leak can cause them to accumulate at dangerously high concentrations in areas such as the bilges of the boat.


Pilot Gas Alarms include single-channel and twin-channel systems, as well as the complete Pilot Gas Monitoring System which is a twin-channel system with included gas solenoid valve to control the gas supply.


Automatic shut-off of the boat’s gas supply when a leak is detected helps to reduce the accumulation of gases, and detectors can be placed in the locations where leaking fumes would be most likely to collect, creating an effective early warning system in parts of the vessel which are not normally manned.


In addition to this, our Pilot Gas Valve Controllers give you direct manual control of the gas supply, allowing you to shut it off at the push of a button in an emergency or for any routine maintenance and general safety practices.


We have a range of replacement gas solenoid valves for use in Pilot Gas Alarm installations including:


  • 12V 1/4″ bsp
  • 12 V 1/2″ bsp
  • 24V 1/4″ bsp
  • 24V 1/2″ bsp


We also supply replacement sensors, sensor cables and housing to allow you to replace the gas sensors on your Pilot Gas Alarm installation from as little as £25 each. Contact Envin today to place an order with us.