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Gas sensors that are small, light and ready to use

FIS 3000 gas sensors from Envin Scientific overcome some of the common obstacles to quick and easy installation, with a small and light unit that comes factory calibrated.

Here are just some of the ways FIS 3000 gas sensors give you a head start when it comes to implementing gas detection in a new product or area.


1. Factory calibrated

Every FIS 3000 gas sensor module is calibrated before it leaves the factory, based on the target gas for that module – which means you don’t need to calibrate it yourself.

This saves on time and money, as well as on the inconvenience of either having to invest in calibration equipment of your own, or sending the module to a third party for testing.


2. With and without casing

FIS 3000 gas sensors are designed to be used as part of a larger finished product or as a standalone gas detector with external inputs and outputs – and we can supply them with and without exterior casing.

That means you can take delivery of just the gas detector module including the sensor and circuit board, or an enclosed device complete with sturdy outer casing and mounting screw holes.


3. Small but sensitive

Each gas sensor unit without outer casing measures in at just 28 x 41 x 20 mm and weighs just 5g, making it possible to incorporate it into finished products without adding significantly to their size and weight.

With its outer casing, the module measures 31 x 44 x 20 mm and 16g, still a very compact yet sensitive gas detector that can easily be used in compact and enclosed spaces.


4. Choice of gases

The FIS 3000 range includes gas detectors for many different target gases including carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, LPG, solvent, refrigerant gases and others.

Each target gas has its own model number, with a suffix so you can specify that the module should be supplied either with or without a case – check the FIS 3000 datasheet for all the model numbers you might need.


5. Malfunction alarm output

In critical gas detection products and environments, you need to know if the gas sensor module ever fails – and we provide for this too.

Every module includes an output pin dedicated to a malfunction or ‘fail’ signal, and this means if anything ever goes wrong with the sensor itself, you will be alerted and can arrange a replacement or repair.


If you are interested in the FIS 3000 range then get in touch today, a member of the team will be ready to answer any questions you might have and help you to place an order.