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Envin Scientific’s larger premises are up and running

If you’ve been following our recent updates, you’ll know that 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Envin Scientific’s founding, as well as a time of continued expansion for us.

Our research and production facility in Cheshire has occupied its current site since the start of the current decade, and we were forward-thinking enough to take on a site with plenty of space for expansion. From the day we moved to our site in Cheshire, we have had an option to expand pre-agreed with our landlords, and in 2016 we triggered this option to allow the construction of new laboratories and twice as much manufacturing space.

Up-scaling In-House Manufacturing

The new building is now up and running, in time for our 40th anniversary celebrations, and crucially it means we can continue to scale up our in-house manufacturing, to meet customer demand for our own innovations and those we have acquired from third parties. An example of the latter group are Pilot gas detection products, which are particularly designed for installation on boats which have LPG cylinders on board. The range incorporates detectors, control panels, isolators and alarms, so that in the unwelcome event of an LPG leak on your boat, it can be spotted, isolated and repaired quickly and safely. Bringing these important products into the Envin Scientific portfolio is part of our commitment to our customers, not only meeting demand from the sailing and marine enthusiast communities, but also helping to keep people safe while aboard their vessel.

Expanding Envin’s portfolio

Our expansion also means we are able to offer more bespoke manufacturing capabilities, and we are excited to be able to produce new and unique solutions to the specific obstacles our clients need to overcome.

If you have a problem you need to solve, and if there isn’t a suitable product already on the market to do exactly what you need, contact Envin Scientific and we will do our best to suggest a solution from our existing portfolio, or a bespoke item we can manufacture in-house for you.

As we continue our 40th anniversary celebrations, there’s no better time to move into our new, expanded premises – the realisation of a dream we have held since moving to our current location in Cheshire.