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Envin Scientific celebrate 40th anniversary in 2017

This year marks a major milestone for Envin Scientific, and one we have been looking forward to for some time already, as 2017 is officially 40 years since the company was first founded. Over the past four decades, we have manufactured and supplied gas sensing products and optical filters to generations of happy customers.

Celebrating Envin’s Growth

Since the turn of the Millennium, current company directors Mike Wright and Pat Roberts have headed up the optical products and gas detection parts of the business respectively – although the running of the company and any major decisions are made jointly. And as the 2010s began, we moved to our current location in rural Cheshire, on a site that allows us to expand in order to meet customer demand – an option we triggered in 2016 to allow us to double our floor space on-site and scale up our in-house manufacturing capabilities.

That brings us almost up to date, and as we prepared for our 40th anniversary celebrations we were delighted to be asked to feature in the 2016 Parliamentary Review Manufacturing Edition – this gives a great insight into our modern history and successes, and our plans for future expansion too. We recently acquired the Pilot brand of gas detection products, which may be familiar to any customers with an interest in sailing, as the family of safety products is aimed primarily at use on LPG-powered boats.

Future Market Expansion

As we look to the future, we continue to diversify to meet new and emerging customer demands, while focusing on our own in-house research and development to produce novel solutions to challenges, including bespoke products for customers with unique obstacles to overcome. We are firmly customer focused, and look to further expansion in both the domestic and international markets as we go from strength to strength in the years to come.

Our thanks go to all of the customers who have brought us this far – not to mention our suppliers, landlords and other service providers over the years – and we look forward to the end of the decade, when Mike and Pat will reach their own milestone of 20 years as Envin Scientific’s owners and directors.