Ozone Handheld Monitor
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Easier handheld gas monitoring and control

When you need handheld gas monitoring and control to use on the move, Envin Scientific have the lightweight and portable gas monitors you need to get the job done.

Portable ozone detection and monitoring

Our handheld gas monitor provides visual and audible warnings of alarm values of the relevant gases, as well as an indication of when levels are safe.

It’s fully rechargeable, so it’s always ready to go when you need to detect ozone with a portable gas monitor, and complements our mains voltage wall-mounted gas monitoring and control equipment.

This is available with a choice of a simple LED ozone level indicators, which again can display both safe and alarm levels of ozone in the local atmosphere, or an LCD readout of ozone parts per billion.

Both versions include a switching relay and a choice of outputs ranging from 0-1 volt, 0-10 volts, and 4-20 mA.

Handheld ozone generators for gas sensor testing

With gas monitors, it’s also beneficial to have a testing device capable of generating trigger levels of ozone – and we have a handheld ozone generator for exactly this purpose too.

Again, it’s battery-operated and rechargeable, so you can use it wherever you have a wall-mounted ozone detector or a portable gas monitor in use.

These handheld ozone generators can be used whenever you need to test your gas sensor – whether as part of scheduled maintenance, or as a quick and easy user-operated solution if you ever suspect there is a problem with the sensor.

Replaceable ozone gas sensors for instant repair

In the event that the gas monitor does not trigger at the appropriate concentration of ozone (usually set at 180 ppb by default on our handheld ozone detectors) you may need to replace the gas sensor.

This is easily done, with precalibrated replaceable ozone gas sensors that can be swapped out by the user, restoring the functionality of the handheld ozone monitor without returning it to the manufacturer.

Again, this puts you in direct control of your equipment, allowing for instant repair of malfunctioning ozone sensors in remote locations, if a replacement ozone sensor is kept available.


If you are unsure which gas monitor is the best for you, get in touch with us to discuss your options. We are always happy to help and answer your questions.