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The difference between glass and resin filters

Optical filters make use of the physical properties of different materials to affect the light that passes through (or reflects from) the surface of the filter.

This can achieve a variety of effects. Bandpass filters transmit a range of wavelengths, whereas narrowband filters may only allow a single frequency of light through.

Some, such as UV and IR filters, block potentially harmful or unwanted ultraviolet and infrared, but allow all other wavelengths through.

Often the desired effect is best achieved with a specific material, but this is not always the case – so when an optical filter is available in both glass and resin, what’s the difference?

Glass Filters

Glass optical filters can offer a sharper image, so if contrast is a concern, they are often the best choice.

They are hard, which makes them resist scratching well, although glass is of course prone to breaking if dropped.

Generally speaking, if used carefully and in one place, glass filters provide excellent clarity and a wide range of optical properties.

Resin Filters

Resin filters are the main alternative to glass for optical filters. They sometimes offer slightly less image clarity than glass, but they have other characteristics that can be preferable.

For example, resin filters are less likely to break if they are dropped or subjected to rough handling.

This makes them a good choice if you need to transport your optical filters between different locations, as they are more likely to arrive in good condition.

Which to choose?

Both glass and resin filters are improving all the time, with new ways to make toughened glass for more durable filters, and techniques to improve the clarity and contrast of resin filters.

At Envin Scientific we welcome all enquiries and can recommend the best material for the job, including thin film and coated filters, and custom laminates to achieve very specific optical results.

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